Spektra 60

This uPVC profile range from Extruplast offers a minimalist design that suits both residential and commercial applications.

Construction depth: 60 mm
Number of internal chambers: 4

Spektra 70

The uPVC profiles from Extruplast Spektra 70 bring stylish, modern design with superior thermal and sound insulation.

Construction depth: 70 mm
Number of internal chambers: 6

Arkitek 70

Architectural elegance, excellent structural strength that enables massive areas of glazing of up to 8m2 and outstanding thermal insulation.

Construction depth: 70 mm
Number of internal chambers: 5

AGB - high performance hardware.

AGB Poseidon Sicurtop – the safest multi point locking system.

Premium AGB hardware.

AGB Hardware uses advanced manufacturing technology to produce outstanding anti-corrosion protection, highly secure locking mechanisms and extremely reliable components.


Four times more anti-corrosion protection

The hardware produced with AGB Activeage technology is four times more resistant than the standard protection applied by the majority of hardware systems on the market and is certified to EN ISO 9227 standard.

The anti-corrosion AGB Activeage protection system consists of successive applications of three protective layers on the surface of AGB Hardware components:

  • application of zinc film;
  • chromatic protection;
  • active hermetic protection.


Features and benefits

  • unsurpassed anti-corrosion properties – patented AGB Activeage technology uses three protective layers: zinc, chromatic protection with nano particles of silica and active hermetic protection,
  • precision – the locking points with fixed head and support on the tilt and turn mechanism ensures secure locking in any circumstances,
  • easy installation and adjustment of the windows in difficult conditions – locking points equipped with mushroom cams as a standard feature allow flexible adjustment,
  • high security – mushroom cams and Poseidon Sicurtop patented lock system,
  • advanced engineering with stylish good looks,
  • certified resistance for a sash weight of up to 150 kg.