Spektra 60

This uPVC profile range from Extruplast offers a minimalist design that suits both residential and commercial applications.

Construction depth: 60 mm
Number of internal chambers: 4

Spektra 70

The uPVC profiles from Extruplast Spektra 70 bring stylish, modern design with superior thermal and sound insulation.

Construction depth: 70 mm
Number of internal chambers: 6

Arkitek 70

Architectural elegance, excellent structural strength that enables massive areas of glazing of up to 8m2 and outstanding thermal insulation.

Construction depth: 70 mm
Number of internal chambers: 5

Spektra 70.
Outstanding thermal insulation and excellent structural strength.

Combines excellent thermal transfer, superb sound insulation and unrivalled structural strength thanks to two extra chambers in the profile’s design.

Spektra 70 System: delivers the best energy performance/price ratio on the market

This system brings significant energy savings and optimises every phase of the installation. With a construction depth of 70 mm, modern, stylish design and a 6 chamber structure, Spektra 70 complements the Spektra 60 series perfectly. This system offers outstanding thermal transfer and sound insulation. It is also extremely robust as it has two extra chambers in the profile’s structure. The combination of all these features results in a high quality, highly cost-efficient system that delivers unrivalled insulation performance and remarkable mechanical reliability.

Spektra 60 and Spektra 70 are perfect partners

The advanced features of Spektra 70 system are unparalleled. What’s more, the system can be fully integrated with Spektra 60. The reinforcement profiles, mullions for frames and sashes, glazing beads and profile welding blocks are common to both systems. As a result, stock levels are easily managed, production machines are better utilised and the need for separate tooling for each system is eliminated.

Features and benefits

  • stock optimisation - parts and materials are common to both Spektra 60 and Spektra 70 profiles;
  • improved payback in production machines – The cutters and milling for frames, sashes, mullions and panes are the same for both Spektra 70 and Spektra 60, so no reconfiguration is required;
  • outstanding structural strength and stability enables large glazed areas;
  • truly comprehensive system and completely compatible with Spektra 60 series – allows the configuration and manufacture of a huge range of windows and doors;
  • ideal for houses, flats, commercial properties, offices, schools, hospitals and many more;
  • easy installation and maintenance;
  • contemporary design with clean, straight lines;
  • complete range of accessories and options;
  • available in 42 different foil finishes and a wide range of colours and patterns.