Spektra 60

This uPVC profile range from Extruplast offers a minimalist design that suits both residential and commercial applications.

Construction depth: 60 mm
Number of internal chambers: 4

Spektra 70

The uPVC profiles from Extruplast Spektra 70 bring stylish, modern design with superior thermal and sound insulation.

Construction depth: 70 mm
Number of internal chambers: 6

Arkitek 70

Architectural elegance, excellent structural strength that enables massive areas of glazing of up to 8m2 and outstanding thermal insulation.

Construction depth: 70 mm
Number of internal chambers: 5

Certified quality.

Extruplast is certified to all the leading European manufacturing standards including: EN 12608, INCERC Certification and ISO 9001 Accreditation for manufacturing production.

Unrivalled quality from raw material
to finished product

Extruplast is one of Europe’s leading producers of uPVC extrusions for window and doors. As such, compliance to all European manufacturing standards is at the core of the business. For example, the thickness of external walls is 3.00 mm (±0.2 mm) and adhere to the most stringent criteria of EN 12608, the European standard for window and door profiles of ‘A Class’ quality. In addition, the profiles have undergone conformity assessments certified by the INCERC – the National Institute for Research and Development in Constructions and Construction Economics.

European Certification

All materials used in the production of Extruplast uPVC profiles are of premium quality, approved and recognized by all the relevant European Union standards agencies. Extruplast uPVC profiles are CE marked which certifies that they have zero toxic emissions, do not contain radioactive elements nor potentially cancer generating substances and they will not produce toxic waste or any other health or environmentally threatening substances.

ISO 9001 Certificate

The Extruplast manufacturing process, logistics operations and administrative procedures are all certified to the international quality management standard DIN ISO 9001:2008.

INCERC Certificate

The quality of Extruplast profiles is certified by INCERC for the following parameters:

  • GAT 223/1996 dimension assessment
  • GAT 223/1996 linear mass
  • GAT 223/1996 dimension stability under hot air
  • GAT 223/1996 linear assessment
  • GAT 223/1996 jellification
  • GAT 223/1996 cold shock resistance
  • GAT 223/1996 tension tear resistance