Spektra 60

This uPVC profile range from Extruplast offers a minimalist design that suits both residential and commercial applications.

Construction depth: 60 mm
Number of internal chambers: 4

Spektra 70

The uPVC profiles from Extruplast Spektra 70 bring stylish, modern design with superior thermal and sound insulation.

Construction depth: 70 mm
Number of internal chambers: 6

Arkitek 70

Architectural elegance, excellent structural strength that enables massive areas of glazing of up to 8m2 and outstanding thermal insulation.

Construction depth: 70 mm
Number of internal chambers: 5

Foils & films: Complete creative freedom

Huge range of 42 foils, colours and patterns: plain hues, natural, metallic or simple also available in the RAL Colour System of 150 hues.

Wide variety of colours and patterns

As a standard feature, Extruplast uPVC profiles can be foiled in 12 colours such as unicolour, natural, metallic or simple hues. There are also 30 alternative colours available on request. In addition, all the profiles can be coated in almost any desired RAL colour. The materials used are of the highest quality being produced, one of the world’s leaders in this technology.

Exceptional resistance to extreme weather conditions

High quality pigments and two layers of protective film guarantee long term stability of the colours by reducing the UV effect. The film also reflects infrared radiation resulting in a lower temperature on the profile surface, resulting in added protection and geometrical stability.

Features and benefits

  • internationally certified for: temperature stability, tensile strength, dimensional stability, humidity resistance, stain and scratch resistance;
  • thermal and radiation resistance of up to 60% above the standards and conditions imposed by RAL – GZ 716 requirement, section 1, 7th part, respectively the radiation resistance of 20 GJ/m2 for 10,000 hours;
  • durability and appearance maintained throughout the profile’s lifetime;
  • no discoloration;
  • flexible configuration offers a huge range of creative possibilities;
  • easy maintenance - no need to polish or clean with special detergents.