Spektra 60

This uPVC profile range from Extruplast offers a minimalist design that suits both residential and commercial applications.

Construction depth: 60 mm
Number of internal chambers: 4

Spektra 70

The uPVC profiles from Extruplast Spektra 70 bring stylish, modern design with superior thermal and sound insulation.

Construction depth: 70 mm
Number of internal chambers: 6

Arkitek 70

Architectural elegance, excellent structural strength that enables massive areas of glazing of up to 8m2 and outstanding thermal insulation.

Construction depth: 70 mm
Number of internal chambers: 5

World leading production.

Extruplast uses the worlds most advanced extrusion manufacturing equipment, supplied by Greiner Extrusion Group (Austria) and Krauss Maffei (Germany) Find out more ->

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